Alignment is a simple concept to understand but very difficult to achieve in business.

As a business owner, you should have a clear idea of where you want your business to be at some point.  It could be an organization that produces a certain amount of revenue and serves a particular number of customers.  It could be a well respected firm with connections around the world or it could be considered ‘best-in-class’ among competitors in your hometown.  Whatever you want to achieve, it’s only going to happen if you devote your focus, time and resources to that specific outcome.

The trouble is most business owners don’t really know what they want.  They begin with a dream and the passion to enter their chosen field but soon get mired in endless details and distractions that cause them to get stuck or sidetracked.  The results are long hours, a paycheck that’s less than the job you once had and a feeling of overwhelm and frustration about where it’s all going to end.

Alignment is the process of focusing areas of your business in a single direction or common pursuit so that everything that can support your business’ success is going in that direction.  It requires knowing your end game and the purpose of each resource contributing to that outcome.

The benefits of having a properly aligned business are huge.   The money you invest in infrastructure will be better spent and increase your level of capacity.  The staff you hire will produce much more with less mistakes and dysfunctional workplace situations.  And you, as the owner, will be able to run your business in less time and with fewer issues that can’t be resolved.  Less headaches, less overwhelm and a greater felling of being in charge.


If your return on your time and talents are not achieving the results you want, here’s a check list to begin your own diagnostic.  After all, if you can’t determine what is out of alignment with the results you want, you’re not like to be able to make course corrections that will improve your situation.


Is your mission for business success clear?

Do you have a written plan that clearly defines the business success you want to achieve?  You can’t hit a target you can’t see and any employees you have won’t help much if they think your mission isn’t clear to you.  Read the rest



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