Planning is an integral part of building and running a successful business but it’s not what most business owners like to engage in. Some of the reason has to do with understanding how to do it or what it can do for you if done right. Most of it, however, has to do with not taking the time to do it in lieu of more pressing tasks or issues facing them daily. Regardless of the reason, not planning for the most important aspects of your business growth and long term success can have personally and financially disastrous outcomes.

What’s the Benefit to You?Much has been written about ways to plan, how to write a plan and various planning templates to use. I’m going to focus on what to plan for. Planning used proactively can not only reduce costly mistakes but help connect your plans with your goals. Building a well thought out plan can prevent a business owner from having to neglect other important functions because deadlines are piling up and project tasks need to be completed yesterday.

Not everything you do for your business needs a complicated plan. Many projects or campaigns can be effectively planned by simply creating a bulleted outline of the steps needed and the times wherein they need to be completed. For the more strategic endeavors, the planning process can produce clear direction and steps that make a successful outcome a certainty.

A Few Business Growth Milestones Deserve Well Thought Out Plans  Based on the business developments I have helped my clients initiate, here are some of the areas of business building that advance planning can have the greatest impact on: Read more

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