Every day, small business owners hit the streets, take to the airwaves or open the doors hoping all their hard work is enabling their businesses to grow.  Many market themselves on their years in the business, their ties to the community or their low prices.  Unfortunately, what they project doesn’t always get received by the customer.

Branding your business is an extraordinarily expensive and often times useless endeavor for small businesses.  It’s the process of developing an image through advertising. What most customers or clients want to know is that what you offer is exactly what they’ll receive, if not more.  They want to know they’ll receive high value for their money, the service will be consistently great and they won’t be embarrassed when they recommend you to a friend or family member.  They want to feel confident in what they know you for.

So, what do you want to be known for?  If you have a bookkeeping service, do you merely want to be known for accuracy and timeliness (like all the rest) or do you want to hold some special skills or ability that sets you apart from your field of competitors.  As an electrician, are you satisfied with arriving within the usual 4 hour window and fixing what’s asked of you or would you rather be known as the electrician who arrives on time, repairs the problem and provides tips on how to reduce energy costs in an affordable manner.

Customers expect allot but tend to remember the little things, the meaningful gestures or the helpful suggestions that make their world a little better for you helping them.  You can do what everyone else in your industry does or you can be known for something unique, valuable and relevant.

What do you want to be known for?  Answer this question and decide how to deliver your solution consistently and compellingly and you’ll build a reputation your competition won’t be able to touch or underbid.  You also won’t need to throw thousands of dollars into branding your business the old fashion way.


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