Most business owners today aren’t happy with the amount of revenue their business is generating. They’re working longer hours, applying greater effort, spending more for marketing and receiving lower revenue. So what’s going on?

If this is happening to you, it’s important to remember that those results are in direct proportion to the actions you’ve been taking? If you want different results, then you MUST take different actions.

So if that’s all that’s required, why don’t business owners just do that? The answer may shock you. They can’t stop repeating their past patterns of behavior. Their past patterns have become ingrained into their subconscious mind and have established themselves as habits.

How This Works:

Have you ever listened to art experts accurately identify a recently discovered painting as belonging to a specific artist such as Rembrandt? How can they tell who painted that picture? Patterns… that’s how. Even though the painting may look completely different than all the others that artist painted, his or her patterns, sometimes referred to as their “style,” continuously comes through with each and every painting.

The exact same thing happens to business owners as well. All of us have been mentally conditioned to perform our daily activities in a certain way. These activities have become habits through constant and daily repetition. The problem is that the majority of these habits… more than 80% of them… are non-productive. They simply don’t contribute to the generation of revenue for your business.

Imagine Your True Potential!

Imagine what would happen to your revenue if you could reduce that 80% down to 60%. If you replaced that 20% with revenue producing activities, you would DOUBLE your income? Do you know how easy it is to reduce that 80% down to 60%… or even down to 40%… which doubles revenue again? Exciting, isn’t it?

So, what is the cost to you and your business if you fail to change this behavior?  What if you could devote more time and take action on more revenue producing tasks?

What if you could remove the mental barriers that may be sabotaging your success?

What if you could get laser-focused on your highest revenue -producing activities?

How can you learn to do all of this?  Join me on my upcoming webinar ‘Change Your Game in 2012’ and have your best year ever!  I’m going to show you what to look for that’s holding you back and preventing you from having the kind of business success you truly deserve.  I’m also going to show you how to establish a systematic way of running and growing your business so 2012 doesn’t end up being a repeat of 2011!

Why am I doing all this and not charging for it?

My past 25 years of management, marketing and sales in some of America’s most successful companies has given me a wealth of experience (and hard knocks) on how to effectively and profitably build a business and sharing it with committed business owners is the least I can do to support the small business community.

If you want to participate, simply follow this link  and register.  I can only accommodate a certain number of people, so sign up today.  Additionally, you will receive my e-book on the 17 tops ways to grow your business just for registering for the webinar.

Changing the way you think starts with taking action on different things.  Committing yourself to learning a new approach to business building is a great way to begin the new year!

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