After attending more than 300 networking events in the last 5 years, I have only met a few business people with introductions that caused me to want to know more about them. It’s not that they were not good people; they just could not entice me based on what they said during their introductions.  If you could put a price on all this lost opportunity, millions of marketing dollars have been wasted! 

Ten seconds is more valuable than you realize:

The typical marketing pitch or elevator pitch as they are sometimes called (the approximate time it takes to travel on an elevator down 10 floors) attempts to cram in as much detail about a person and their occupation before the elevator door opens.  The reality is most people have an attention span of about 5-8 seconds so if you do not get their attention quickly, they can zone out before you get through your last name. 

Creating an impactful and memorable introduction is not as easy as you may think.  Go ahead, try one on someone you know causally.  Deliver your best elevator pitch and then ask them what they think you do and why they would do business with you.  The responses will shock you most of the time.  But shock is good because if they don’t get it, real prospects are not getting it either.  The big mistake most business people make is assuming that what they have to say is important to the recipient.  Now you might have important things to tell people but if your delivery blows the opportunity, you have just bought the equivalent of TV time at 2:00 AM! 

All pitches are not alike:

An elevator pitch is not a sales pitch.  Sales pitches are designed to sell someone something.  At most networking events, the purpose of an elevator pitch is to make connections that will lead to referrals or a business relationship down the road.  If everyone you meet thinks you are trying to make a sale, you will think you have contracted a contagious disease that everyone can see from 15 feet away.  An effective elevator pitch should also quality the people you meet so you do not waste too much time with people who are not interested in who you are or what you do.    

So how do you deliver a compelling, engaging introduction that will have someone you have never met to say “wow, how do you do that?” Keep in mind that people tend to focus on what is important to them.  Does your pitch convey a benefit or a possible issue right from the start?  If you are a Chiropractor and someone asks what you do, what sounds better; “Hi, I’m a Chiropractor” or “Do you know how it feels to have to sit on the sideline because your back is out of whack? I help people get the most out of their leisure time”.  At the very least, your new contact is probably going to say; “really, how do you do that?”  Your follow up should be something like; “I identify alignment issues before they become major physical problems”.  The point is, you may be in a networking sessions with 5 other Chiropractors.  What makes you stand out is how you introduce yourself from the start. 

If its natural, people will respond to it:

So, before you attend your next networking event give serious thought to your pitch.  Once you fine-tune it and have a trusted friend review it, practice the heck out of it.  It should come out reflecting your style and be on a conversational level.  After all, the real reason people go to networking events is to make connections that will lead to eventual clients.  They do not go to be sold something they do not need or want.  If they understand the benefit of what you do, they are more likely to engage you to find out more.  

Do not leave a prospective client wondering what you do for a living.

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