Effective management is all about getting things done.  It could be just you you’re trying to manage or a team of individuals.  Either way, managing tends to be outcome based.  If you and the team are accomplishing goals and getting the results required, your management approach is probably working… or is it?

The real essence of effective management is optimizing your resources in the pursuit of an objective.  Resources include people, money and time.  Results may be achieved but if it comes at the expense of costing more, taking longer or using your team in unproductive ways, your management approach is anything but effective.

Companies big and small battle the effects of poor management practices every day.  At the core of most management ineffectiveness is poor decision making.  Decisions affect everything from routine processes and staff utilization to the best place to spend money to grow the business.  And while experience and familiarity with the business is important, the real secret to making better business decisions lies in the process for making those decisions.

So how has your decision making process worked for you?  Are you prone to addressing the situation with a gun slinger mentality which means having to address the fallout of an ill conceived decision or are you more likely to sit on decisions that require real understanding of the issues before you pull the trigger?  Neither of these approaches is suitable in a fast paced, dynamic business environment but quite frequently used when the decision maker is either inexperienced or pre occupied with the personal impact of the decision’s outcome.

Making better business decisions comes with using a well designed decision making approach and practice.  At the top of the process list are critical thinking and the ability to clearly see the real problem.  Many times, the magnitude of the problem can cloud objective thinking thereby disguising the real core issue and the viable options to be considered.  If the decision maker tends to react emotionally when dealing with real important decisions, this will also alter the decision in favor of options which may be unattractive now but far better in the long run.

The only way to insure that your management effectiveness stays ahead of the daily challenges a business can provide is to get real good at making better business decisions.  If you want a proven process to learn how to make better business decisions, click this link or visit our website. 

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