ManagementIf you own your business as a solopreneur, you are one of a growing population of small businesses that are estimated to reach 70% of all businesses in the US; businesses that do not have employees.  Now, you may be perfectly content not to have to manage others or be responsible for their actions or work product.  But if your ultimate goal is to grow your business beyond yourself, you’ll need to be involved in management and marketing simultaneously so you can enjoy the financial reward you’ve always dreamed of?


Whether you decided to start your business from scratch, bought a small business form someone else or simply grew your business to a point where you can’t take on more clients, your only hope of expanding is with business R&R.  The first R is ‘revenue’ and requires effective, ongoing marketing to accomplish.  The second R is ‘results’ and requires solid management practices to be able to run everything else.  And, unlike the R&R you seek to rejuvenate yourself (which is often times temporary) the R&R in your business must be a permanent part of how you operate so you can grow and handle things when the business gets beyond you.


Most individual operators struggle with this because they time does not allow for doing both marketing and management.  When business is good, they spend all their time managing the customer, the process that delivers what they sell and any paperwork that follows.  When business falls off (or stops all together) they are forced to switch gears and go out and market.  Unfortunately, marketing takes time to establish.  Once you get it going, you need to be able to continue it while servicing the business it produces.  Read the rest of this article


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