My Story

Steve Smith runs a private coaching and consulting business in Orange County, CA where he provides customized solutions for small business owners who needs help clarifying their direction, building a manageable infrastructure and developing a sustainable marketing strategy.  His methods produce management best practices, systems and the confidence to take your business to the level you want.

I grew up in a pretty ordinary household and developed an avid desire to figure out how things work.  Most things I got my hands on I took apart.  I also became fascinated with why people did the things they did.

Not realizing where these pre-occupations would take me, I pursued all the usual ventures and hobbies of a boy during the 60’s and 70’s.  A brief relocation of my father’s job landed my family in England for 3 years which has turned out to be a much better memory than the actual experience.

I excelled in playing sports and making money.  The hard work and ‘never give up’ side of me got me through college, much to my parent’s amazement.  Along with a degree in business management, I connected with the woman who shares my name and our children to this day. I enjoyed a prosperous career in the consumer goods industry, moving frequently throughout the east coast with my wife and children.  The uprooting seemed difficult during our 7 moves but turned out to be a great learning experience for my kids while blessing my wife and I with a tremendous group of friendships across the country.

Today, I’ve reconnected with those childhood passions of studying people and taking things apart.  I now have a small business coaching and consulting practice in Orange County, CA.  It’s just the wife and I but the kids are not too far away.

Life has taught me to learn something from everyone, be willing to take risks and leave every circumstance better than you found it.

Steve is an avid motorcycle rider, golfer, beer brewer and lover of dogs.  He and his wife Sharon- a 5th grade teacher, live in Lake Forest.  Their son Travis, is a staff recruiter and their daughter Carly, is a pastry chef living in Portland, Oregon.