Peer Advisory Group

SIG LogoAre your business building efforts producing the growth you want?

The best way to grow your business is by improving who knows you, what you know how to do and where you go to make trusted connections.

Are you ready to:
•  Compare notes with other business owners in areas important to you.
•  Upgrade your network with people who know and trust you.
•  Build confidence in the actions you take and focus on the results you create.

We invite you to join this Special Interest Group (SIG): Get Off Your Butt and Create the Results You Want!

This topic-specific group is hosted by Steve Smith of GrowthSource Coaching. Steve brings 25 years of industry leading management, marketing and operations experience to every client relationship. He has helped transform hundreds of businesses worldwide into highly efficient, growing organizations; many who have achieved revenue increases of up to 40%.

As a potential SIG member:

• You love what you do
• You take pride in being the best in your field
•You enjoy discussing trends and best practices that matter most to you
• You know that growing yourself will grow your business

SIGs are an affordable, efficient way for business owners to move their business in a more profitable, sustainable direction.

If you would like to join this group, contact Steve Smith at 949-951-9163 or

To learn more about the details of this program and apply, visit

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