If you are dedicated to your business, you are probably surrounded by minutia on a daily basis.  It’s the little things that are easy to do, fun to do or provide a hideout from the more important things that must be done.  However you define it, minutia is the bane of every small business owner that struggles to grow revenues in a marketplace that has kicked the traditional forms of marketing to the curb.

Why is minutia such a detestable yet comforting area to occupy ones time?  It has to do with the feeling of overwhelm that is created when the subconscious has too many things to juggle.  Your brain is the largest, most powerful computer on the planet and its memory access is unlimited.  So when the list of tasks gets out of control, the mind takes over and begins retrieving everything associated with your list in an attempt to get you to focus on the things you need to do.  The only problem is the mind has no way to prioritize the list, so everything gets equal weight which means everything needs to be done NOW!  Feeling overwhelmed yet?

When business owners start feeling this way, the first reaction is to protect the sanity and focus on easy tasks that bring immediate reward- the minutia.  Unfortunately, focusing on the simple, probably unimportant areas f your business simply reinforces the fact that these are important to your subconscious, thereby perpetuating this cycle, over and over again.  Instead of making progress by the end of the week, the list is even longer and there’s even more important stuff to be done.

Recognize that the only way to resist the comfort of spending time on small, unimportant tasks is to actively focus on the big stuff.  And, do not assume that you must handle it all yourself.  If you are going to stay ahead of the daily operations of your business, you must learn to assign the list; either to others or to a specific time slot when you will do it.

One way to gain control over this debilitating behavior is to write down everything that needs attention.  Go ahead, make the list as long as you like.  Just record the actual task; nothing else.  Then, go back and tag every item that can or should be done by someone else.  Don’t worry if you don’t have ‘that certain someone’ to do it, tag it as such.

Next, identify all items that have to do with producing revenue.  These activities need to get the highest priority.  Everything else falls in the minutia category and should be sidelined until your top revenue producing tasks are completed.  If some of the minutia are things only you can do, set aside brief periods throughout the day (no more than 30 minutes) and knock off a few at a time.  Then get back to the heavy lifting!

Practice this technique regularly and you will train your brain to focus on the important things and resist the need to run and hide when your business starts to overwhelm you.

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