How’s your mindset right now?  Do you see your future as a glass half empty or a glass half full?  Is your mind a portal to what you want from your business or a reminder of what you have not been able to accomplish?

2011 has been brutal for many small business owners and a real challenge for just about everyone who has to earn their own way in business.  And while we all tend to rely on the more tangible of business building resources; money, time, know-how, plans and support to name a few, the biggest asset any of us has is our ability to control our mindset.

Your mindset influences your thinking, your perceptions, your beliefs and behaviors.  It’s the little voice in the back of your head that seems to have an opinion on everything you do or want to do that determines how you feel about your current situation.  As a small business advisor, I frequently encounter small business owners that are questioning their ability to move forward and figure out how to do business in a market that has thrown out all the rules to the game.

The reality is; we have a tough economic situation.  Many businesses will not survive this protracted belt tightening because they could not see a successful outcome.  It’s difficult to watch fellow business owners fade away, especially if they were enjoying robust growth a few years ago.  The fact is, some businesses will survive and even grow stronger once the marketplace returns.  Will you be among the ones who dominate their markets in 2010?

Right now, I’m watching the Biggest Loser.  There are some unbelievable accomplishments from people who were so disparaged, they had lost all hope.  What they all have in common is they reached out and learned how to improve their mental and physical situations.  They got the support and accountability to stay the course until the results came.  They believed in what they once were unable to see.  This same transformation can happen for business owners and is being enjoyed by the clients of my business coaching program.

The difficult part of creating a successful business mindset is learning how to control the automatic negative thoughts that are triggered whenever you expose yourself to something that your subconscious mind has remembered from the past.  It can happen without warning.  Suddenly, the little voice becomes a chorus!  Your head may become light.  You might even experience physical disorientations.  This is your mind trying to protect you from an experience it recognizes from your past.

Take a look around you.  What are you watching and reading?  Who are you listening too?  Do you have the support and encouragement to push through it or are you letting the ‘little voice’ remind you of what your past has produced?

Getting control of your thought patterns and overcoming the limiting beliefs that tend to keep you in a holding pattern is the greatest benefit you can give yourself.  A positive mindset will enable you to get much greater returns out of just about everything you do or invest money in.  It’s the best friend you’ll ever have!

Having a successful business mindset starts with changing your thinking and connecting with your passion for the business you work so hard to grow.  If you think you can, amazing things can happen.  If you think you can’t, you are already there.

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