When we think of finding and attracting customers, we tend to think of the relationship from our own perspective.  After all, it’s what we offer that makes them want to do business with us, right?  Wrong!  Consumers today have more choices of whom to do business with and what to select from than ever before.  And with everyone holding on to their money so tightly these days, the usual marketing approaches have become mostly ineffective when it comes to attracting customers that want what you have and are willing to pay you your asking price.

Attracting customers is not a new problem:

Since commerce began, entrepreneurs and business owners have resorted to a variety of sales tactics and promotional gimmicks to lure potential customers to their place of business.  Not surprisingly, consumers eventually figure out these methods and become indifferent to offers of special discounts, creative pricing strategies, frequent shopper programs, and other limited time offers. Add to this, the sheer number of merchants doing the same thing and you have a consumer that grows numb because they simply don’t see the need to purchase or feel they really want what you sell at the time you want to sell it.

Attracting customers means seeing things their way:

Small business owners are a proud and resilient bunch!  Most have worked very hard and sacrificed enormously to have the business that many times bares their name, regardless if it’s deemed a success or not.  They therefore, tend to view all reasons for doing business with them from their point of view:  ‘We’re honest’; ‘We’ve been in business 30 years’; ‘Our customers love us’: ‘We have the lowest prices’, etc., etc.  While all these statements may be true, they have little effect on enticing people to decide to patronize a particular business.   The reason? The customer only thinks about one thing ‘WIIFM’- What’s In It For Me!  All the above statements are features that benefit the business owner.  As consumers, we are drawn to businesses that promote things we want first.  Read more

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