Do you find yourself thinking about all the bad things that could happen prior to taking action on something you know you should do? It’s only human nature to want to do everything possible to prevent a bad or disastrous outcome from happening. But what about the upside? How much time do you think about the good that will benefit your business from the action you are about to take?

I have a client who is very passionate about his business. He is excellent at his work and has managed to keep his family business from going under during the last 2 year period of decline and uncertainty. Unfortunately, he continues to resist his better judgment about launching new, well thought out and tested products because he focuses solely on what might go wrong. In the face of overwhelming reasons to launch this new product, he is paralyzed by the prospect that it will fail.

Science has done a remarkable job of mapping the brain and understanding how the subconscious mind works. In addition to controlling all bodily functions (our automatic survival system) the subconscious also controls our thoughts, behaviors, habits and viewpoints. You maybe tired of continually coming up short in your life or your business but this is what your mind knows and is comfortable with. This kind of outcome is what will play in your head over and over again until the outcome you don’t want becomes a reality.

So, how do you change things? First, commit yourself to the fact that you are not satisfied with past results and you want a different outcome in the future. This mental acknowledgement will go a long way to promoting change on your part.

Second, start looking for all the good or upside in your plans. If potential concerns exist, determine their true possibility and focus on how to reduce or eliminate them.

Third, recognize that the greatest risk to any plan or action is inaction! That’s right. More good ideas and well thought out plans fail because the business owner never takes action at all. In fact, it’s been well documented that over 90% of the things people worry about, never actually happen.

Finally, map out your plan from start to finish. Look at the steps you plan to take and challenge yourself to find all the holes. Then focus on plugging the holes so you can put your plan into action. Consider getting help from someone outside your business that can see things more objectively and assist in making your plan as tight as possible.

There’s an old saying from football that goes like this: No Pain, No Gain. Once you realize that much of the pain is in your head, you can free yourself to move forward and take the action you need to get the results you want.

Originally posted 2015-09-01 23:35:16. Republished by Blog Post Promoter